Urdu Names with Meaning For Girls ( 20 Unique Girl Names)

Urdu Names with Meaning For Girls |Unique Girl Names In Islam, Muslims are commanded to keep the names of their children beautiful and meaningful. The Islamic names of the girls are often in Arabic. The popular names of girls that have gained popularity in Pakistan are mostly Urdu, Persian and Arabic. Here beautiful Islamic names […]

Names of Islamic Months | 12 Islamic Months

Islamic Months Names with Meaning NO: Name in English Name in Arabic Meaning 1 Muharram ٱلْمُحَرَّم Forbidden 2 Safar صَفَرْ Void 3 Rabi ul Awwal رَبِيْعُ ٱلْاَوَّل First Spring 4 Rabi us sani رَبِيع اَلثَانِیْ Second Spring 5 Jumadal Ula جُمَادَالْاُوْلٰی The first of the open land 6 Jumad us sani جُمَادَالثَّانِیّ The Second of […]