Bachon k islami Naam Uska Matlab | 100 Islami Naam Ladko aur Ladkiyon

har insaan ye chahta hay k isky bacho k Achay aur Khubsurt aur Barakat wala Islami Naam Hu. likin Baaz Log Bena Mana Ya Ghalat Manay Wala Naam Rakhtay Hay Jo Baad May Acha Nahi Lagta. hum nay Aap Kayliy Bachon K Islami Naam Uska Matlab K Saath Muhayya Keya Hay Ta ke Aap Ko […]

65 Meaningful Arabic Names for Girls from Quran

65 Meaningful Arabic Names for Girls from Quran Every parent wants to have a beautiful and meaningful name for their child. There are many good names in Islamic names, but the most honorable names for Muslims are those which are among the names of the Holy Prophets or taken from the Quran. Arabic Names for […]

Urdu Names with Meaning For Girls ( 20 Unique Girl Names)

Urdu Names with Meaning For Girls |Unique Girl Names In Islam, Muslims are commanded to keep the names of their children beautiful and meaningful. The Islamic names of the girls are often in Arabic. The popular names of girls that have gained popularity in Pakistan are mostly Urdu, Persian and Arabic. Here beautiful Islamic names […]

Names of Islamic Months | 12 Islamic Months

Islamic Months Names with Meaning NO: Name in English Name in Arabic Meaning 1 Muharram ٱلْمُحَرَّم Forbidden 2 Safar صَفَرْ Void 3 Rabi ul Awwal رَبِيْعُ ٱلْاَوَّل First Spring 4 Rabi us sani رَبِيع اَلثَانِیْ Second Spring 5 Jumadal Ula جُمَادَالْاُوْلٰی The first of the open land 6 Jumad us sani جُمَادَالثَّانِیّ The Second of […]

Zainab Name Meaning in Urdu

Zainab Name Meaning in Urdu Zainab is a beautiful and well-known Islamic name for girls. Zainab is the name of Muhammad’s daughter. Zainab is the name of Islam and Arabic language. Zainab is kept mostly in Arabia and Asia. The name Zainab means. Generous and lucky number 6. زینب لڑکیوں کے اسلامی ناموں کا ایک […]

Alfaz Name Meaning in Urdu

Alfaz Name Meaning in Urdu Alfaz Name Details In English : Alfaz are The Name of the Arabic Language. Which is preferred in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, USA and Europe. Alfaz are a combination of words that say something in the form of a sound coming out of the mouth. The literal meaning of the alfaz […]

Islami Naam Book pdf free Download

Names Meaning in Urdu In this book, Islamic names have been provided with Urdu meanings. You can easily find the names of your choice by downloading. It contains Islami names for girls and boys. The meaning of the new names in this book is also present to some extent. Most of the scholars and serious […]