Pashto Audio Naat mp3 free Download Sohail Ahmad

Pashto Audio Naat mp3 free Download Sohail Ahmad Here you will find Naat of famous Pashto Naat singer Sohail Ahmed. You can listen to it online and also download it. Sohail Ahmad Pashto New Naats are listed in the audio file. Download it easily by clicking on the arrow.

Up to 50 Zong Codes List in Pakistan 2021

Zong Network is the third largest network in Pakistan. Which provide internet, calls and SMS etc. Zong internet speed is considered in Pakistan because Zong is a bit better than other networks. This is how packages and facilities of calls etc. attract people. 21% of Pakistanis use Zong. Which is going to grow further. Zong […]

Zong Call Packages Daily , Weekly, Monthly

21% of people in Pakistan use Zong Network and people like it very much. Because the Zone Network works well, but people are happy with the fact that it provides cheap packages. And at the same time they give good free offers as a bonus. So we have provided you with this information after searching […]

Maryam Name Meaning in Urdu

Maryam Name Meaning in Urdu The name Maryam is a Qur’anic name and there is a whole surah in the Quran on this name. That is why this name has been included in the honorable and blessed names. The name Maryam is a very old name that was the name of the daughter of a […]

Inaaya Name Meaning in Urdu (Girl Name)

Inaaya Name Meaning in Urdu (Girl Name) Inaaya is an Arabic name reserved for women, meaning gift. Inaya is one of the most famous names in the world. Anaya names are used by Muslim women as well as non-Muslims. Inaya’s name is most common in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Indonesia. […]

Abeeha Name Meaning in Urdu

Abeeha Name Meaning in English Abeeha means moon. And in Arabic it is now called father and yes Arabic is a feminine pronoun What has been done to the girl means with her father or father, and this was the name of Hazrat Fatima bint Muhammad ﷺ. That is, the Holy Prophet used to say […]

Fatima Name Meaning in Urdu (Girl Name)

Fatima Name Meaning in Urdu  فاطمہ ایک عربی زبان کا لفظ ہے جو عورتوں میں بہت پسند کیا جاتا ہے۔اور فاطمہ ہمارے آقا ﷺ کی بیٹی کا نام بھی ہے جس کے ساتھ حضورﷺ نے بہت پیار کی تھی ۔آج کل تقریبا 50 لاکھ خواتین کا نام فاطمہ ہے۔ 14 سو سال سے لیکر آج […]

4 Qul Sharif | four Qul in Arabic with Urdu, English Translation

4 Qul Shareef , surah kafirun , surah ikhlas , surah falaq, surah naas 4 Qul Shareef has many benefits and rewards but it is impossible to cover it so every Surah in the Quran has its own benefit and reward. But the virtue of some 4 Qul Shareef is mentioned in the hadiths and […]

Darood Tanjeena with urdu Translation | Darood E Tanjeena PDF

Recitation of Durood Sharif is an important part of Islam. Because the scholars say that if a person does good deeds and he does hypocrisy and pretense, then this deed is not accepted, but the only Durood Sharif is a virtue which is accepted even if it is taught for show. And in the Quran, […]

4 Khulfa e Rashideen Names in Urdu

4 khulfa e rashideen Among the Rightly Guided Caliphs, the Caliphs are derived from the Caliph, ie, the one who comes after them. Since the Companions were behind the Holy Prophet, they are called Caliphs. And that is why the righteous speak. This is the plural of Rashid and Rashid means guidance and on the […]

Wifaq ul Madaris al Arabia Pakistan

Wifaq ul Madaris al Arabia Pakista Federation of Arab Schools of Pakistan which is located in Multan. Established in 1959 under the auspices of Deobandi Ulama, it has about 23,000 registered madrassas. And the number of scholars who have graduated is more than 3 million and the number of students is about 117,000. And the […]

99 Names of Allah with Meaning in Urdu | أسماء الله الحسنى

99 Names of Allah with Meaning in Urdu | أسماء الله الحسنى Assalam u Alaikom Believing on Allah Almighty as our real Creator and believing in Allah is a part of faith and a pillar of Islam. Therefore, we believe in Allah and whatever happens is by the command of Allah. But reciting the beautiful […]

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