English Grammar in Urdu pdf Free Download 

English Grammar in Urdu pdf Free Download 

English Grammar in Urdu pdf

written By :  M.Tariq Qureshi

To understand every language, it is very important to go through language tenses and sentences. If you just talk and you don’t know any kind of sentences, it will be impossible for you to master the language. The subject is this book, Verb, Three forms of verbs, Active and Passive Voice, Present indefinite tense,

Future indefinite tense, Present Continuous tense, Past Continuous tense, Future Continuous tense, Present perfect tense, Past perfect tense, Future perfect tense, Present perfect Continuous tense, Past perfect Continuous tense, Future perfect Continuous tense, Revision of tense Change of voice, Direct and indirect.

So if you have to improve your English speech, download the english grammar tenses book now and understand it well and then you must speak English because language is not for memory but for speech. And memorize all the sentences and use them in conversation, then you get the full benefit, otherwise only memory will waste your time. 


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