English Sentences with Urdu Translation | Daily use English Sentences

English Sentences with Urdu Translation | Daily use English Sentences

Basically English is the language of the people of England. English Language History starts when three tribes of Germany invaded the Britannia; the names of tribes were Angles, Saxons and Jutes. They forced the people of Britain to follow the rules and regulations of them, at that time the language of Britain people was “Celtic”, they were forced to use the language of Germanic tribes which was “Englisc” (now pronounced as English) and Old English was introduced.

With the passing time there became very changes in English, but the biggest change was the change of shorten the words with the help of Vowels, and Modern English was introduced. It was the biggest change in the History of English Language Timeline. English has now become the world’s first language. Almost everyone loves English and English is the commercial language of every country in the world.

Why English is important in our life?

There are many reasons to learn English. English is spoken in almost every country in the world. And the international language is English. If you go to any department, the first question there will be in English. If we look at the current digital world, almost 99% of the data on the Internet will be in English. Today, when it comes to online work, the first issue you will have is the English language. If you go for technical education in electronics, mechanics, electrician etc. and if you don’t know English then you will lose almost half of your knowledge. You need to know English to travel internationally, especially to the United States and Europe. If you don’t know English, there is no point in leaving.

With all of these needs in mind, we’ve compiled some of the most important everyday English phrases that everyone needs to learn. We have listed below the simple English sentences with Urdu meaning. You can also download the PDF file if you wish. Memorize all these phrases and use them in your speech. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are interested in learning, get rid of the shame. Shy people fail to learn and teach, so memorize the English sentences below with Urdu meanings and speak them fluently. You will soon be able to master English.

Hello Friend 

“السلام علیکم دوست ، ہیلو دوست ، ابتدائی اواز”

How are You 

“آپ کیسے ہو “

You are Right

“آپ ٹھیک تو ہے ” 

I Need it in No Time

” میرے ساتھ وقت نہیں ہے ” مجھے یہ جلد از جلد چاہیئے “

Never Miss The Prayer

” کبھی بھی نماز مت چھوڑنا  “

How You Recite The Holy Quran

” کیا آپ نے قرآن پاک کی تلاوت کی؟ “

Exactly , I am Right

Definitely , I am Right

” بلکل ، میں ٹھیک ہو “

Never Tell a Lie 

“کبھی جھوٹ مت بولو “

I was just joking

” میں مذاق کررہا تھا “

I want to be your friend

“میں آپ کا دوست بننا چاہتا ہوں”

What have you done?

” تم نے کیا کیا “

No Smoking

” سگریٹ نوشی منع ہے “

No Entrance

” اندر آنا منع ہے “

Be seated, please

” تشریف رکھئے “

How much hair shall | cut off?

” کتنے بال کاٹوں؟ “

It’s just between you and me.

“یہ صرف   ہمارے  (میرے اور تمھارے ) درمیان ہے

Turn the right side up.

“اسے سیدھا کرو “

Buddy, I have gained my object

” دوست ” میرا کام تو ہوگیا “

I rang him up

“میں نے اس کی گھنٹی بجائی “

I have full faith in him

” مجھے اس پر پورا اعتماد ہے “

Let me work

” مجھے کام کرنے دوں “

What will you like to eat?

” آپ کیا کھانا پسند کریں گے؟ “

There is less salt in the curry

” سالن میں نمک کم ہے “

Where are you putting up nowadays?

” آج کل آپ کہا رہتے ہوں “

This house is to let 

” یہ مکان کرایہ کیلئے خالی ہے ” 

I will come after changing my clothes

” میں اپنے کپڑے بدلنے کے بعد آؤں گا “

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

” آج کا کام کل پر مت چھوڑوں “

Please have something cold

” براہ کرم کچھ ٹھنڈا لیجئے “

Self-done is well done

” اپنا کیا ہوا کام اچھا ہوتا ہے “

A friend is need is a friend indeed

” دوست وہ جو مشکل میں کام آئے “

Don’t be in a hurry

” جلدی نہ کریں “

The court declared him guilty

” عدالت نے اسے مجرم قرار دے دیا “

Take care of the parents 

“والدین کا خیال رکھو “

The dead are forgotten soon

“مُردوں کو جلد ہی بھلا دیا جاتا ہے “

A man is known by the company he keeps

“انسان اپنی صحبت (دوست وغیرہ ) سے پہچانا جاتا ہے “

May all your dreams Come True

“آپ کے سارے خواب پورے ہو “

Don’t even think like

“ایسا سوچنا بھی مت “

English Learning Tips for Beginners

Learning any language is not a difficult task. It becomes difficult when we work hard but the method is wrong. There are some things to keep in mind while learning English. First of all, memorize the grammar well and then memorize the essential Book  and basic letters and some sentences of English and use those words and phrases in your speech. You will learn slowly, the most important thing to learn a language is speaking, making sentences by putting pressure on the mind and reading every news newspaper etc. You do not have to be an English Master on the first day. Just learn slowly and implement. There will be difficulties in the first few days and gradually it will become easier.

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