Nadra Vaccination Certificate , Vaccination Card Banane Ka tarika

Nadra Vaccination Certificate , Vaccination Card Banane Ka tarika

Vaccination Card Banane Ka tarika

We will show you step by step how to make NADRA Vaccination Certificate and Vaccination Card. All you have to do is follow the steps carefully so that there is no problem later. Vaccinations which are mandatory for every person and vaccination is the responsibility of the government. Now the government has issued a card to carry out this responsibility and a certificate which we call NADRA vaccination certificate and vaccination card.

Therefore, it is impossible for the government to do this so that they can vaccinate every person by hand. To avoid this problem, the Government of Pakistan has issued a card and certificate from NADRA. This card will now be available to those who have been vaccinated. So the vaccination card and certificate will mean that you are vaccinated and that’s proof. You will now be shown step by step below where you will download the vaccination card. Where will you get the vaccination certificate? So scroll down to know the complete process of making vaccination card and certificate and make cards and certificates for yourself and your family.

Nadra Vaccination Certificate

step 1

First you get vaccinated at the nearest vaccination center. Ensure that the vaccination is approved by the Government of Pakistan. It may take a few hours or even a day or two after waxing. Apply for a card.

step 2

You can download the card from anywhere. You can download it at home, but you must have a bank account. Otherwise you can easily download it from the nearest NADRA office or any computer shop. We’ll give you a link to check out below. You can easily check from your mobile.


If your vaccine is the same dose, the same card can last for 6 months, and if it is a double dose, apply a second dose after about 28 days and make a second card and certificate. And its actions are like the first card.

السلام علیکم دوستوں اوپر میں ہم نے تفصیل کے ساتھ ویکسینیشن کارڈ اور سرٹیفیکیٹ بنانے کا طریقہ بتایا ہیں۔ آپ کی آسانی کیلئے ہم نے مکمل بٹن نیچھے لگائے ہیں آپ کی جو بھی ضرورت ہو اسی بٹن پر کلک کرکے اپنے کام کو انجام دے دیں۔ لھذا یہ سب لنکس اور بٹن پاکستانی نادرا سرکاری ویب سایٹ کے ہیں۔ آپ اس کے علاوہ کہی بھی اپلائی نہیں کرسکتے ہیں لیکن ہم نے جتنا سمجھانا تھا سمجھایا اب آپ کی جو کام کرنا ہیں اسکے مطابق نیچھے بٹن پر کلک کیجئے۔ 

Note : 

Strict legal action will be taken against those who do not get vaccinated and those who do not get vaccination card. So vaccinations are important for our health. Get vaccinated by a government hospital or a well-known doctor. Get the card and certificate downloaded by yourself or an expert friend as the card may be blocked if NADRA is disturbed.

Vaccination Card Banane Ka tarika

ہم نے اوپر 3 سٹپس میں ویکسینیشن کارڈ اور سرٹیفکیٹ بنانے کا طریقہ بتایا ہیں لیکن اکثر دوست انگلش نہیں جانتے ہیں لیے آپ کیلئے اردو میں سارا طریقہ کار لکھا ہیں۔ سب سے پہلے آپ قریبی ویکسینیش سنٹر سے ویکسین کروا لیجئے۔ دھیان رہے کہ ویکسینشن گورمنٹ آف پاکستان سے اپروفڈ ہو۔ ویکس لگانے کے کچھ گھنٹو کے بعد یا ایک دو دن بھی لگ سکتے ہیں۔ کارڈ بنانے کیلئے اپلائی کیجئے

۔۔۔۔ کارڈ کہی سے بھی ڈاونلوڈ کرسکتے ہیں آپ خود بھی گھر میں بیٹھ کر ڈاونلوڈ کرسکتے ہیں لیکن اس کیلئے آپ کے پاس بینک اکاوٹ کا ہونا ضروری ہیں۔ ورنہ قریبی نادرا دفتر یا کوئی بھی کمپیوٹر دکان سے بآسانی ڈاونلوڈ کرسکتے ہیں۔ ہم نیچھے آپ کو چک کرنے کا لنک دینگے آپ بآسانی اپنے موبائل سے چک کرسکتے ہیں۔

۔۔۔۔ اگر آپ کی ویکسین ایک ہی خوراک ہے تو وہی کارڈ 6 ماہ تک چل سکتا ہے، اور اگر یہ دوہری خوراک ہے تو تقریباً 28 دن کے بعد دوسری خوراک لگائیں اور دوسرا کارڈ اور سرٹیفکیٹ بنائیں۔ اور اس کے عمل پہلے کارڈ کی طرح ہیں۔

vaccination chart for babies in pakistan


how to get covid vaccine certificate in pakistan?

In order to get Covid Vaccine Card in Pakistan, you have to be vaccinated. Later you can easily get Card and Certificate from NADRA. The fee is around 100 rupees. To do this, click on the button above and refer to the card from NADRA.

how to download vaccine certificate?

Vaccine certificate is not so much needed. Yes, if you want to go abroad, then you will need it, otherwise only cards are enough in Pakistan. And to download the vaccine card you can go to the nearest computer shop and download from NADRA and if you have a bank account then go up and fill the form by clicking on the certificate button to get the certificate. Ski fees range from about 50 to 100.


how to print vaccination certificate?

After downloading the card from NADRA Names website, you can print the certificate from your mobile and computer. And if you don’t have a print, you can get one from Photo Shop.

how to pay covid certificate fee online?

You will have to pay a fee to NADRA to get your own vaccine card and certificate and for that you must have a bank account. But the easiest way is to get it from a computer shop owner as it is registered with NADRA.

how to check booster dose certificate?

Any vaccine that is approved in Pakistan can be obtained from Basani and can also be tested. So to check, scroll up and check your card and certificate.

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