50+ Novels in Urdu Romantic || Romantic Urdu Novels Download PDF

50+ Novels in Urdu Romantic || Romantic Urdu Novels PDF

Today’s entertainment is incomplete without romantic novels. Romantic Urdu novels are very popular in Pakistan, India and most other countries. Romantic novels are loved by people of almost all ages and especially romantic novels in Urdu.

Novels in Urdu Romantic is a collection of the world’s most interesting and famous love stories from the best writers. It includes Hania Shah, Areej shah, Nimra Shah, Malisha Rana, Zeenia Sharjeel, Wahiba Fatima, iqra sagheer, Meerab Hayat, Samreen Shaha, Mehwish Ali & more.

If romantic Urdu novels are read instead of using drama and social media, then it is beneficial because reading does not spoil the emotions and also increases the ability to read. So we have tried very hard to find some Urdu romantic novels. If you are a fan of Romantic Urdu Novels then scroll down now and download for free in PDF.

Top 10 Urdu Romantic Novels

Yeh Mohabbatein Yeh Shiddatein By Hania Shah Urdu Romantic Novel PDF   Download 

WO AASHIQUI HAI MERI By Malisha Rana Romantic Novel in Urdu PDF    Download 

Shiddat E Ishq By Mirha Shah Compalet Urdu Navel Romantic PDF  Download 

Jurm E Ishq By Malisha Rana Urdu Romantic Novel Pdf    Download 

Ibetad E Ishq By Malisah Rana Urdu Novel Complete Pdf    Download 

Pyasa Sawan By Gulshan Nanda Romantic urdu novel complete pdf    Download 

Mein Gunahgar Thera By Humna Tanveer Urdu Novel Pdf    Download 

Romantic Urdu Novels pdf free Download 2020

Us ki Aankhon Main Mera Aks Tha by Shazma Amir Free PDF  Download 

Mohabbat Ke Rang Apnon Ke Sang by Kashmala Malik complete Urdu Novel  Download 

Mohabbat Aik Paheli by Aasia Raees Khan Free PDf Urdu Romantic Novel    Download 

Main Kon Hon by Razia Butt PDf Urdu Romantic Novel    Download 

Dil e Aashna by Yumna Akhtar Free PDf Urdu Romantic complete Novel    Download 

Azmaish e Ishq by Yasmeen Bilal complete PDF Raomtic Novel    Download 

Qatil Ishq Novel by Fatima Niazi Urdu Romantic complete Novel      Download 

Qafas ki Panchi Romantic novel By Sadia Abid Urdu Romantic complete Novel PDF    Download 

Mohabbat Khawab Safar by Rukhsana Urdu Romantic Novel    Download 

Karzal By Anum Sana Urdu Romantic complete Novel Free Download    Download 

Romantic Urdu Novels PDF free Download 2019

Is Dil Me Base Ho Tum Urdu Romantic Novel PDF Free Download    Downlaod

Teray Ishq Main Pagal by Meral Shah Complete Urdu Novel PDF    Downlaod

Dharkano Ka Ameen By Ana Ilyas Complete Novel in Urdu Free Downlaod    Downlaod 

Daagh Novel by Bint E Nazeer Romantic Novel PDF Free Download    Downlaod 

Har Martaba Tu Chaiye By Ana Ilyas Complete Novel Free PDF    Downlaod 

Teri Panahon Main by Qamrosh Shehk Full Novel In urdu PDF    Downlaod 

Teri Chahat Ka Hisaar By Ana Ilyas Complete Novel Download PDF    Downlaod 

Jeddah Ki Galiyon Main By Hamna Tanveer Complete PDF Novel      Downlaod 

Har Martaba Tu Chaiye By Ana Ilyas Urdu Romantic Novel      Downlaod 


Popular Romantic Urdu Novels

  • Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels      Download 

  • Man Yaram Novel by Meerab Hayat              Download 

  • Yaqeen e Mohabbat Novel by Mirha Shah        Download 

  • The Beast Novel by Samreen Shah              Download 

  • Hum Jo Mujrim Thehray by Meerab Hayat            Download 

  • Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu PDF          Download 

  • Forced Marriage Novel Qamrosh Ashok            Download 

  • Bold Romantic Urdu Novels            Download 


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