Oxford Progressive English Book 7 Solved Exercises

Oxford Progressive English Book 7 Solved Exercises

Progressive English Book Introduction

The Teaching Guides for Oxford Progressive English Books 6, 7, and, 8 are designed to complement and extend the Students’ Books. To maximize their usefulness to teachers, they are all set out in the same format. Teachers will find them an invaluable resource for clear and effective instruction.

Salient features of the Teaching Guides:
• Sample lesson plans with worksheets
• Extension units
• Extension tasks based on the units in the Students’ Books
• Test papers for revision of each unit
• Answer keys to tasks in the Students’ Books

Sample lesson plans have been included to facilitate teachers in planning and instruction, and suggest further ideas for effective and interactive teaching as well as assessment. The lesson plans are based on worksheets that reinforce topics in the textbook units. Keys to tasks in the worksheets are also provided for the teachers. Teachers are welcome to adapt these lesson plans according to the lesson duration and their timetables.

Extension Units: Each extension unit has the same title as the one in the Student’s Book, and continues its topic theme. The extension texts represent a wonderfully rich resource of varied writing which both students and teachers will enjoy. Each text is introduced in a contextual paragraph giving essential background to the writer and the content. Read Book For More Details.

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Oxford Progressive English Book 7 Solved Exercises


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