Top 15 Urdu Novels full of Romance || Pashtourdu

Top 15 Urdu Novels full of Romance || Pashtourdu

Urdu Novels full of Romance can be download for free in PDF. Romance novels are the center of reading for almost every person at any stage of life but everyone likes to read romance novels and stories to please themselves and make their feelings better. 

Wrong videos and movies are used to control the sexual feelings of the young generation and it further weakens the human emotions. So for that we have found Romance Phil Novels. So if you want to download romance novels full of Urdu, you can scroll down now and download your favorite novel in PDF.


Urdu Novels full of Romance

Urdu Novels full of Romance

  1. Karakoram Ka Taaj Mehal by Nimra Ahmed          Download 
  2. Tujhe Ishq Ho Khuda Kare By Emaan Khan           Download
  3. Tere Loat Anay Tak By Snia Chaudhary                   Download
  4. Aik Ajnabi Hua Apna By Amreen Riaz                      Download
  5. Dargah e Ishq By S Merwa Mirza                               Download
  6. Zarkhaiz Matti by Shazia Altaf Hashmi                    Download
  7. Chand Meri Dastaras Main By Ana Ilyas                 Download
  8. Takmeel By S Merwa Mirza                                        Download
  9. Teri Kami Saiyaan by Bint E Nazeer                         Download
  10. Mohabbat Aik Paheli by Aasia Raees Khan             Download
  11. Mohabbat e Kamil Novel by Taiba Tahir                 Download
  12. Rah e Yaar by Sumaira Hameed                                Download
  13. Daagh Novel by Bint e Nazir                                      Download
  14. Tere Ishq Mein Pagal Novel Meral Shah                 Download
  15. Mera Ishq Tu Urdu Novel By Sana Khaliq              Download
  • Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels      Download 

  • Man Yaram Novel by Meerab Hayat              Download 

  • Yaqeen e Mohabbat Novel by Mirha Shah        Download 

  • The Beast Novel by Samreen Shah              Download 

  • Hum Jo Mujrim Thehray by Meerab Hayat            Download 

  • Cousin Forced Marriage Novels in Urdu PDF          Download 

  • Forced Marriage Novel Qamrosh Ashok            Download 

  • Bold Romantic Urdu Novels            Download 


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